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Article 12 – Issuance and public offer of securities
No person can issue and make public offer of new securities unless the person is
approved by CSEC in relation to proposed public offer in accordance with law and any requirements provided by CSEC. The person must pay any application fee prescribed in accordance with this law.

* CSEC : Cambodia Securities Exchange Commision

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Investing Vs playing the lottery

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Investing in what’s stock without doing the research is like buying a lottery ticket. The chance of your investment being success have the same odds about million to one. investing isn’t like buying a lottery ticket. To invest wiselly you need to understand an investment’s liquidity-how fast you can get your money, safety-will you get all your money back?, and rate of return- how much will your money earn?.

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Stock Symbol or Ticker | Nokia -> NOK

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Welcome come back, I just get out of the planing 2010 of my current job . I hope this week and this year end I have time to post more regarding stocks knowledge.

Are you wondering when you watch CNBC, Bloomberg or Channel News Asia on the bottom of the screen (teletext) display like:

Nok 12.41 ↓ 0.35   AAPL 191.86 ↓ 3.17

NOK <- Nokia  | AAPL <- Apple

I was wondering for a while when I don’t know how to read this stuff but now I would like to share with you this simple stuff.

Nearly every financial Web site and TV is centered on the ticker symbol. These are the two-, three-, or four-letter abbreviations used to symbolize stocks or investments. Originally, ticker symbols were used so brokers could quickly read a ticker tape, a scrolling printout of stocks and prices.

Ticker symbols have become so popular that investors sometimes use them instead of a company’s name. And sometimes companies have fun with their symbols to make them more memorable. In 2006, for instance, motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson changed its symbol from the boring HDI to the more exciting HOG, the nickname for its rumbling bikes.

There’s one other thing to keep in mind regarding stock symbols. You used to be able to tell whether a stock traded on the NASDAQ or the New York Stock Exchange just by looking at the symbol. For many years, NASDAQ stocks traded with a symbol with four letters, such as INTC for Intel and MSFT for Microsoft. But that changed in 2007 when NASDAQ began issuing symbols of one, two, and three letters to its member companies. Delta Financial was the first NASDAQ stock to have three letters, with its symbol DFS.

I hope now you have some thing to talk when you watching stocks teletext on tv. To find out what does the stock symbol come from just go to finance@google enter stock symbol into the top text field and press enter or click get quotes button.

Anyway don’t forget visit our twitter account for most up to date news of Cambodian Stock Market.

Survey of stock exchange

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Hi Everyone,

I have a dream to own stock brokerage firm, this is where it was start. So hope you guy can help me with this questionnaire:


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Where to start with?

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You might be wondering why you need a blog like this one to help you to get to know about Stock. After all, if you’re looking for information about Stock, you can certainly type “Stock” into a search engine and get
thousands of search results.

But the problem is that, you’ll get thousands of search results. Yet some sites offered up by a search engine might be filled with bad information that isn’t correct, causing you to unknowingly make poor investment decisions.

That’s why, I come up with an ideas of having a blog which could help you to point out the resources that you can trust.

I’ve already done all the surfing through the hundreds  of investing Web sites to find good ones — there’s no reason you should have to do so as well!

So let get start!

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